Day 50

We started with coffee, pastries and some fruit while we exchanged hugs and goodbyes.

The visitor and vehicle permits we obtained at the start of our journey must be turned in and cancelled. The nearest location where that is possible is in Mexicali. So, we crossed the border back into Baja California, Mexico where the offices are.

Que up to cancel your vehicle permit
The layout of the area where we must maneuver our vehicles was designed for cars and pickup trucks. Some of us have much larger vehicles which makes the process much more challenging.

But all of the drivers of the big RVs have become much more skilled at getting their rigs into and out of tight spaces. Everyone was able to return their permits and check out. A simple stop at U.S. Customs and we officially ended our journey.

One of the things that stand out in Mexico is the great class disparity between the extremely rich and the grinding poverty of many. There is a growing middle class but it is still small.

The good people of our tour made contributions to improve conditions there.

One area where anyone can help is with the Tarahumara Children's Hospital Fund in Batopilas. By clicking on their name you can generate a contribution that costs you nothing but has great value to these children.

Mexico Caravan 2013
Ken & Carole
This was an extraordinary trip. Both the people who traveled with us and the experiences were far above average. Thanks to all of you for making this trip so much fun.

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