Day 3

During the night we could hear the rain pelting the roof of our trailer but by daylight the skies were clearing and it turned out to be a beautiful warm day. 

Cultured Pearl Farm
At 9:00 we all assembled for a half mile hike to the Perlas Del Mar De Cortez, a pearl farm.
Douglas - Co-Owner explains pearl culturing

We were met by one of the owners of the pearl farm and he gave us an excellent two hour presentation and tour of the establishment. We learned how they raise the oysters from spawning to implanting the pearl seed to harvesting the pearls. It was a fascinating story. 


Infant oysters

Oysters are cleaned every 2 months

Implanting pearl seed

Learning more about pearls

After learning about the methods used to produce superior pearls, we spent about an hour in their store where many in our group purchased some beautiful pearl jewelry.

Briefing to prepare for a travel day

In the afternoon we all had free time to go sightseeing or shopping. At 4:00 the staff members started preparing for our travel briefing and staff prepared margarita party. Wagon Master Ken started the travel briefing around 4:30. About 5:15 we were all ready for the margarita party. There were plenty of snacks and the margaritas were delicious. A beautiful ending to a beautiful day!

Ray and Jan


Day 2

Well, it’s finally here.  The first day of Travel.  Many of us had a sleepless night the night before in anticipation. Tail gunner #2 and Rig 12, Steve and Pat left early to get to the Aduana for the permit for their RV. Registration stated that it was a bus and buses cannot be brought in. No trouble when officials were able to see it.  The rest of the group crossed the immigration line with no problem and joined one of the  "Pods" that formed.  Tail gunner #4, Mark and Mari, had to stay behind in Nogales to help Al and Lois, #11 get a new tire.  Better to have it replaced before entering Mexico. 
It was a long and strenuous day of travel.  There was lots of road construction and detours. The biggest detour happened in Hermosillo. There was a new overpass at the end of the Periferico. As could be expected, this created a change that was not included in our Trip Log.
Parking at Playa de Cortes

Everyone was able to get to the Playa de Cortes Trailer park & Hotel in Guaymas before dark. The two rigs that were delayed in Nogales arrived too.
A local mechanic helps with the repair work

A few mishaps along the way.  One towed had a problem with a broken hitch from the frame.  Luckily no major damage.  But repairs needed to be made.  A great Welcome to Mexico dinner was served in the Playa de Cortes Hotel's dining room. It was a wonderful meal with great service.  Now that the first day of Travel is under our belts, we are all ready to continue onto parts unknown.   

Clary & Lynn


Day 1

We have been welcoming our fellow travelers as they arrive. We are preparing everyone by distributing detailed travel information and other goodies and conducting vehicle safety and mechanical inspections.

Hurry up and wait to get our permits
Over the last several days we have been accompanying our guests across the border to take care of official paperwork and get our necessary permits.

Here at our rendezvous RV park clear skies bring star filled skies and crisp mornings, but the days are sunny and warm.

Today is the day we have long anticipated: the day our tour officially begins! We all met this afternoon for an orientation, where we learned lots of information to make our journey safer and more enjoyable.  We followed that with a welcome party, with super-nachos and decadent desserts. Everyone introduced themselves and shared a little about their backgrounds as we get to know one another. We are all looking forward to an incredible journey!
Carole & Ken


Our Journey is about to begin

Welcome all to a fun, exciting tour of a part of Mexico. Most everyone will explore the west coast of the mainland and then drive the length of the Baja Peninsula. We are thankful we can lead this trip again because we enjoy so many things about Mexico.

We will visit 5 States in Mexico

In the next few days our guests will be arriving and we can begin to meet new friends.