Day 45

Today is a travel day. We are leaving Catavina and going to Vicente Guerrero. 


 The scenery is very beautiful. The mountains are covered with large boulders and cactus of many varieties.  Many of the cacti are starting to bloom and the desert is coming alive.

The drive today was an adventure in its self with cliff hanging roads, tight curves and steep curvy up grades and down grades.  One of the things we noticed while on our drive today is how much all of us look out for each other. With the caravan ending in four days, Archie and I would like to say how much we enjoyed everyone on the caravan.  We each have our own special personality which makes us all so interesting.  We hope to see you all again perhaps on another  “Adventure Caravan.”

Archie and Donna


Day 44

We left camp on a cold, windy morning with 143.6 miles to go.  Doesn’t sound like much, but with the narrow, no shoulder, winding road and semis coming at you, it’s quite a drive.  We encountered a military stop right away. They didn’t check much but commented on the pollo on our dash, a stuffed chicken that crows.  That got all of them laughing.  El Pedregoso, a big pile of rocks, was exactly as described.
We were warned that gas stations would be scarce, and were surprised to see one right in front of our campground, Parque Natural Desierto Central Trailer Park.   

The park is deserted looking, no hookups, but has beautiful cactus all around.

We all took a drive to Pinturas Rupestres De Catavina to see the pictographs; a nice walk past unusual cactus up to the cave with the drawings.   

We saw the cirios or boojam tree.  It looks like an upside down carrot with lots of roots coming off the sides.  We’ve never seen one of these before.  There were also ocotillo, caldron, fishhook barrels, elephant trees and lots of wildflowers. 

After the travel briefing, huddled against the side of a building because of the cold wind, Steve and Pat invited everyone to their camper for social hour.  They wanted to see how many could fit.  Well, we ended up with 17 people.  The laughing was non-stop.  Mark amazed everyone with his cork trick.  Archie figured it out right away. 

What a way to end the day.


Phil and Barb