Day 38

Looking out the window of your RV and seeing the sun rising over Santispac Beach is a once in a lifetime experience.  Also, it was great to have much calmer winds and no sand blowing in your hair as you walk along the beach.  Some visited the Santispac Beach Restaurant for a Mexican breakfast.  While waiting for breakfast to be prepared, we shopped for vegetables from the back of a pickup truck.  The pickup contained fresher and better looking vegetables than we have found in many of the grocery stores.  There is nothing like having curbside/beach delivery of your veggies.

The day was filled with an optional drive to Mulege to visit several sites and have lunch. First of the sites was the Santa Rosalia de Mulege Church and vista viewing rock at the back of the church.  The walls of the church were approximately 3 to 5 feet thick lava rock making the church very cool inside.  The Mission was founded by father Juan Manuel in 1705. The site was originally explored in 1701 by Father Juan Maria de Salvatierra who found this place, and which the “Cochiti” Indians called Mulege, translated as “great sandbar of the white mouth.”  

After visiting the church, we walked around behind the church where we were able to look out over the oasis like town of Mulege.  From this viewing point, it was easy to see the damage caused by the 2010 hurricane lying off the Port of Mulege for four days causing lots of destruction to the area from which they have not been able to recover.  It is a work in progress.

Secondly, we drove to the Port of Mulege to see the Lighthouse.  Several walked to the top of the hill to see the Lighthouse while others walked along the beach hunting for shells and gathering wood for tomorrow’s campfire.  
After taking pictures, we headed down the rough, rocky road that was the result of the hurricane flooding to have lunch at Los Equipales Restaurant.  

The food was delicious with many options from wonderful cheeseburgers, fish burgers, to Mexican.

Finally, it is time for our favorite pastime. Shopping for Mexican pottery, blankets, etc. With the last purchase made, it is time to head for Santispac Beach and our RVs for naps, refreshments, and walks along the beach.

Tonight, our Wagon Master, a former Astronomy teacher, pointed out the stars and constellations of the winter Mexican sky.  It was very informative and enjoyed by all.  He pointed out stars that can be seen here but never in the United States or Canada.  It would be great to take a course with him doing the teaching!!  Thanks Ken!!!
James and Gail


Day 37

We left the park at Puerto Escondido around 9:30 am. It was very windy when we left the park and it stayed  with us until we reached our next destination, Playa Santispac. We will be dry camping for three nites here. We are to have a campfire on the beach, and George and I are looking forward to it.


Highway 1 to Santispac was 2-way traffic with lots of cactus on both sides of the road. The road wasn't bad and it's a short distance of only 89 miles today. 

We arrived at Playa Santispac early in the afternoon. It's a very beautiful beach with nice clear blue water but the wind followed us. It was strong and gusty all afternoon with blowing sand.


Happy hour started about 4:00 pm. We had some shots of tequila and someone (won't mention names) thought their car was a dune buggy. They got the car bogged down into the sand and quite a few of the ladies in the caravan pushed hard to get it out of the sand. We got it out without the men. After this, there was more happy hour and then some leg wrestling on the beach. What more can you ask for on a day at the beach?
George and Irene


Day 36

We awoke to beautiful mountains to our West and gusty winds blowing from the Sea of Cortez to our East.   

Our group car pooled a few miles north to Loreto.  According to records it is the oldest town on the Baja. We toured the Church, Town Center,  government buildings, and many gift shops.   

A Mexican spread of steak and shrimp was enjoyed by all. We had free time to drive to the beach, grocery shop and stop for photo ops on our return to the campground. The highlight of the luncheon was not only a great meal, but singing Happy Birthday to Carole.   

We continued with some birthday merriment at Social Hour with Carole decked in a special birthday hat.  

Mari invited a German couple over to spend some time with us. They have been traveling around the world since 2010 with occasional returns to Germany in their lime green 4x4 Mercedes Camper. It turns out they write articles and share their photography with various magazines.  

Charles and Joyce


Day 35

Everything went smoothly this AM.  Even though we had another Caravan in the Park with us, their WM had come over the night before and asked if we were going to depart at 8:30AM.  We told him we, the tail gunners, would be out by 9:15 AM. By the time our group was hitched up and had all departed, we were rolling out the Park gate at precisely 9:15 AM. 
The ride is beautiful with lots of mountain area, scrub brush and cactus of various kinds. We stopped for fuel at a Pemex along with about 5 other Rigs and had lunch.  After lunch and some fooling around, we got rolling with 3 of the Rigs.   

Shortly after making the right turn to Loreto, we saw the 3 of them pulled over on the road.  It appeared Archie was having some problems with the transfer case stuck on 4 wheel drive low on his Dodge Ram pickup truck. The men went to examine the nature of the problem. After discussion and  suggestions on  what to do including going back to CD Constitucion (18 miles), Archie made the decision to continue on to Loreto.  After two more stops on the highway, investigation, and Archie driving the truck  successfully up and down the mountain roads, he decided to go on to the Park in Puerto Escondido.  After unhooking, Archie took the truck out again to see how it ran at a faster speed.  The problem appeared to have straightened itself out. What a relief!

With the Rigs being a little late, the Social began closer to 5:00 PM. We had lots of great snacks.  And we celebrated a very special occasion.
The 42nd wedding anniversary of Dan and Liz.  That’s something to be really proud of. Congratulations to you two. 

Mark and Mari


Day 34

Today we are off on a Tour of La Paz. The tour was going to begin at 9:00 A.M. & finally was underway at 9:50 A.M. because the bus driver forgot about the time. We discovered that La Paz is a rich city, among the richest in Mexico. The city landmark was a mushroom shaped rock, but ten years ago was changed to a Whales Tail & a Dove to commemorate friendship & peace. The population of La Paz, the capitol of Baja California Sur, is 250,000. La Paz was founded by the Spanish on May 3rd, 1535. Cortez wanted the gold that had been discovered & he also wanted to claim more land for Spain. The cost of a two bedroom house 5 or six blocks off the Malecon is between $35,000 &$ 50,000 USD. On the Malecon, the price can triple.  There is 2700 kms of coastline in the Baja but no commercial fishing can occur because Mexico declared it a National Park. They now have shrimp, tuna & sardine farms instead.

The Cathedral of La Paz is unique because all the Stations of the Cross are in English, because a Bishop gave the originals to a good Samaritan, who was going to take them to Guadalajara & never returned. The English plaques were supplied by an American.

We went to a high heat Pottery Factory, where believe it or not, some Caravaners bought some Pottery.  The pottery was very light & we were told it was dishwasher & micro-wave safe. Several Caravaners bought goods at the Flea Market as well.

Lunch was at the Bismark Lobster Café, on the Malecon Seafood tacos were enjoyed by most everyone. The shrimp stuffed fish also looked great.

La Paz is famous for Humpback & Gray Whales.

They are 15-17 meters long & 350 kilos as adults. Baby whales are taught to swim, spending the first two years with their mothers.

Dan and Liz