Day 31

What a great day to write a blog. We left the RV park around 8:30 a.m. using ride share for the Glass Blowing Factory. What a treat. The pictures say it all.

Afterwards we went downtown, ate, went to flea market, marina and had another great time. I finally got my dish I was looking for. Gosh, when we got back there was a Margarita & Munchie Party. As everyone can see we are having a great time in Cabo San Lucas.



Day 30

Today is a travel day. We are leaving Los Barriles and traveling to Cabo San Lucas. This morning we woke up to see a whale off in the distance spouting water about three times. We were not quick enough to capture it on a photo, but it was beautiful. Leaving today is difficult since this camping spot is right on the water. 
We look out our back window and see the ocean is perfect. We traveled about 100 KM today and arrived in Cabo San Lucas at Villa Serena camp ground. Some of us went to the restaurant that’s in the camp ground; they have a swimming pool right in front of the dining area. The view is beautiful. They sell lobster for $19.95 US.  Today, one of our Adventurers went to Walmart and got lost in the parking lot. I won't mention any names. He couldn’t get in or out of that darn parking lot. P.S. Sorry James.  Other then that it was just another day in paradise. All of you are just great, thanks.

Archie and Donna


Day 29

The weather has definitely taken a change from the day we got here.  From water like glass, ready for water skiing, to rough and choppy.  The kite boarders were out all day.

No scheduled activities during the day, a perfect time to get that laundry done.  William has 2 new washing machines, but only a Mexican dryer. See photo.
James and Gail took a long walk on the beach and saw a seal.  Several of us went into town looking for pots. The baskets are a thing of the past, now it’s all about pottery.

Tonight was our first LEO, Let’s Eat Out.  We went to Tia Pablo’s.  A wonderful evening was had by all.  Some may not remember the entire evening. First comment from Phil when he sipped his 2/1 margaritas was whoa, they put some tequila in these. The food was good, mariachi musicians kept us entertained, lots of dancing around the tables, and then Lynda challenged everyone to leg wrestling.  Leg wrestling, you say?  What’s that? Lynda almost kept her title of “Queen of the Leg," but I do believe James took her.  You never know what skills those farmers have.

Phil and Barb


Day 28

Wednesday, Feb. 20th Day 28 Started day at 9:00 A.M. with an ATV ride.  Joyce/Charles, Gail/James, Pat/Steve, Ken/Carole, Archie/Donna, Barb/Phil and Jack and I.

Ken took us to a place he and Carole had visited before. We crossed under the highway we had traveled the day before.  It was very scenic. 


 We drove through some water, and we all had to take turns to see who could splash the highest. We then stopped for some pictures. Some very interesting pictures were taken.  Seeing is believing. 

We returned the ATV’s at 12:40, had lunch and went downtown for pottery shopping, etc.  We were back for Happy Hour @ 4:00 PM.  Dinner was at 7ish.  Drinks with the group.  Another day over. 

Jack and Lynda


Day 27

Our blog day started at 12:00 a.m. (midnight) aboard the “California Star” Baja Ferry as we stood on the stern watching the loading of our RV’s and the 18 wheelers.  
At approximately 12:30 a.m., we departed the Port and headed for the open water of the Sea of Cortez, at which time we gave up and headed to our small  stateroom for the short night.   
We awoke at 6:00 a.m. to a cloudy sunrise and  docking at the Port of La Paz.  After several hours of waiting for the military inspection and the disinfection spraying, we were finally on our way to Los Barriles.    
After an adventurous mountain drive, we arrived at our water view RV spaces at Playa Norte RV Park.  We were then treated to a delicious chicken supper by the Adventure Caravans Staff and lots of great conversation with our fellow RVers.    

Bill and Arabell


Day 26

This is a travel day – a long travel day, 270 miles, much of it on a road so rough we were not always sure whether it was intentional vibradores or topes or just a crummy road surface. But we all made it to the ferry terminal in very good time. We were inspected, measured, measured again and lined up waiting for the ferry to arrive.

So we had a tailgate party. There was lots of yummy food, including scalloped potatoes and Tennessee barbeque and much more. We all had a good time. Among the story swapping, we learned that Al and Lois, who are heading back to the US rather than going to Baja, suffered a tire blowout on their 5th wheel. We wish them well and hope there was no more damage than a lost tire. 

Replete, we watch the ferry arrive and disgorge its load of passengers and cargo. Then it was time for us to board: Rig drivers, tow drivers and plain old passengers, just like Noah’s Ark. Many of us get to watch Felix back his rig across the dock, up the ramp, and all the way to the bow of the ship!

All aboard, we get our assigned stateroom, which is much better than Ken’s description. We get Felix a pina colada from the bar to help him relax after his exploits driving the Rig backwards, and go to the stern to watch the final loading. We are amazed at the speed and nimbleness of the tractor drivers who zoom around getting the truck trailers in place.

It is way past our usual bedtime and eventually the excitement gives way to fatigue, and we head off to our stateroom for some rest.

Felix and Rose