Day 49

This day has come all too soon. This day is not only about the Caravan coming to a close, but reflecting on what we have all seen & done. The train ride through the Copper Canyon was spectacular, with one spectacular view after another. 

The van ride to Batopilas at the bottom of the canyon was at times breath taking and scary. We are glad to have seen Batopilas before the road is improved and an influx of tourists change this quaint little town. Putting 10 people in the back of an eight passenger “Spider” in Mazatlan was the Caravan going native. 

We will never forget the Baja Ferry. Watching as the Mexicans un-loaded the California Star was amazing. Watching them load the ferry was just as amazing. Watching Felix back his #5 rig on to the ferry will be forever etched in my mind. 
We traveled the length & breadth of the Baja. There have been some great sites on the Baja, starting with the #1 hi-way. Will we ever again say the roads back home are narrow?

I do not think anyone complained when our Sunset Cruise in Cabo became a Whale watching show. 
It will be a long time before the Whale watching at Guerrero Negro will be surpassed. All too soon it is over. So many unforgettable sights, so many friendships forged.

Now on to the finish.In the morning we are greeted with fog. Everyone is anxious to be underway. When the Wagonmaster leaves at 7:30 A.M., the rest of the Caravan follows shortly thereafter. The fog burns off as soon as we leave Ensenada & the drive is pretty nice as we all group up & top off our fuel at the last easy access Pemex before Tecate. 

Following the twist & turns through Tecate, we are soon at the U.S. Customs. Some Caravaners lost steaks, chicken, pork & a variety of produce. It seems  if the package was open or the food was in a bag without the original packaging information, the Customs Officials took it. The roads in California are wider & no drop off. Everyone is in the Rio Bend RV Resort & Golf Ranch at El Centro by 3:00 P.M. The heat we were missing in Mexico was at Rio Bend at 100 degrees. There is a Travel Meeting where the Wagonmaster explains what we are going to do tomorrow at the Mexican border when we turn in our Holograms, followed by a happy hour. Thirteen Caravaners drive into the El Centro Applebee’s for supper.

Dan and Liz

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