Say 46

March 10 was a Travel Day from Vicente Guererro to Estero Beach. Several of us enjoyed a buffet Breakfast at the Posada Don Diego Restaurant before leaving on our day’s travels.

Since it was Sunday, we took our time going over the Mountains in our Rigs. As we drove along, there was a lot to admire:  the red ground cover growing everywhere and the natural beauty of the large patches of yellow, purple and red flowers. 

We did stop at a military checkpoint where I got a picture of this military guy warning drivers to slow down/stop at the checkpoint.

And after our 100 mile drive, we entered the beautiful Estero Beach grounds.   

We had a social that night with plenty of snacks.   

Wagonmaster Ken had told us at the previous day’s briefing that we would see some beautiful sunsets.  And he was true to his word.   Just look at this sunset. 



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